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The electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical service. It provides power to all your lights and appliances and if it’s outdated or malfunctioning, your entire home may be at risk. The experts at Labbie Electrical Contractors have over 25 years of experience in dealing with electrical panels and the homes of Albany Capital Region residents. Outdated electrical panels can be very unsafe and overuse may cause portions to melt.

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If you have an old home with the original electrical panel, give Labbie Electrical Contractors a call. You can trust our experts to explain any potential issues with your panel and let you know if it’s time for an upgrade.  Here are just a few issues you may notice that can mean it’s time to upgrade:

  • Your panel is over 25 years old
  • You have a fuse-based panel
  • You have a burning smell around your panel
  • Your lights flicker or dim
  • Your panel makes noises and/or feels warm
  • Your circuit breakers trip frequently
  • You plan to install new appliances that might require more electricity

If you notice any of the above issues, please contact Labbie Electrical Contractors and schedule a visit as soon as possible.

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